June 10, 2014

a new gallery space - cici's W3 Gallery

a virtual art place with 1 minute video art shows.

It all began with her photographing a shoe box... to be the basis of 3 walls of the new gallery.
From those photographed new walls, cici "hung" her work & projected her videos, well at least virtually.

In May 2014,  the w3 Gallery opened with the movement of a series of Black & White Drawings (6x6") in the new show box artspace.

Here's the first show:

August 07, 2013

cici artist's What's Up Stamford Art Video Murals

July 30, 2013

'What's Up Stamford' Murals are UP!

Now would be a great time to drive by the St Johns Tower (Stamford, CT) on Tresser Blvd... 
and around (via Washington Blvd or Atlantic Street) to Bell St.

There you will see my latest HUGE paintings of eyes looking up!

and IT would be great if you joined me in Adding YOUR eyes to a special 
What's Up Stamford Facebook Page

or  ... take a look at the video I created while working on the paintings....

July 17, 2013

What's Up Stamford - art murals

In the very near future, 6 mural paintings will be installed in downtown Stamford.

Take a preview look:

June 18, 2013

In the Beginning - Art video preview - cici artist

cici artist’s

In the Beginning

art video preview:

art prints can be seen here

iPhone footage -  new media - art video
 & framed prints

 #smART.. digitally speaking 
smart devices ART SHOW 

now - September 14th, 2013

Old Town Hall Museum
175 Atlantic Street,  Stamford, CT
Open noon - 6 pm    Wed - Thu & Sat - Sun