August 07, 2013

cici artist's What's Up Stamford Art Video Murals

July 30, 2013

'What's Up Stamford' Murals are UP!

Now would be a great time to drive by the St Johns Tower (Stamford, CT) on Tresser Blvd... 
and around (via Washington Blvd or Atlantic Street) to Bell St.

There you will see my latest HUGE paintings of eyes looking up!

and IT would be great if you joined me in Adding YOUR eyes to a special 
What's Up Stamford Facebook Page

or  ... take a look at the video I created while working on the paintings....

July 17, 2013

What's Up Stamford - art murals

In the very near future, 6 mural paintings will be installed in downtown Stamford.

Take a preview look:

June 18, 2013

In the Beginning - Art video preview - cici artist

cici artist’s

In the Beginning

art video preview:

art prints can be seen here

iPhone footage -  new media - art video
 & framed prints

 #smART.. digitally speaking 
smart devices ART SHOW 

now - September 14th, 2013

Old Town Hall Museum
175 Atlantic Street,  Stamford, CT
Open noon - 6 pm    Wed - Thu & Sat - Sun

June 12, 2013

The Symphony installed at Safavieh Rug & Home

The Symphony, painting on canvas, 6 ft x 45 ft
is installed at 
Safavieh Home Furnishings
230 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT

I will be there this weekend
inside.. with smaller works & video
&  my new DVD!
for ARTWALK 2013

June 14 & 15
Friday night 6-9pm and
Saturday 10am - 7pm

Join me!

June 09, 2013

New Video & Prints on Styrene

#smART.. digitally speaking 
a group show 

will be opening on
Friday June 14th 6-9pm
Old Town Hall Museum
175 Atlantic St
Stamford, CT
through September 14th

with my
& prints on styrene
& iPhone 5 footage short video : In The Beginning 
poetry by Bill Buschel 
music by Mick Leonard & Linda Allen for DBU Productions


April 22, 2013

New art with unusual music technique by CICI ARTIST

DEMODULATION uses text and images with permission from a book from the Reanimation Library (Brooklyn)  as the basis for both video and musical score.

The music was generated based on a computer program CICI ARTIST created that maps text from the book to music.

The project was inspired from the Franklin Street Works (Stamford, CT) gallery's April 2013 show entitled "Strange Invitations."

March 26, 2013

Art in Action at the Avon

"Moving Pictures"
April 7th    2013
Sunday Morning
11 am to Noon
Bedford St, Stamford, CT

A dozen short animated art films by cici artist

January 01, 2013

Moving Pictures - animated art shorts - at the Avon

Coming this spring!
Thanks to the support from the Connecticut's DECD/Office of the arts...
cici artist's

Moving Pictures!

A free one hour screening of her art animations will be shown at the Avon Movie Theatre in Stamford, CT
April 7th, Sunday morning 11 am to noon.
Save the date!