April 14, 2011

small studies for larger works

In the summer, my art works at Allegro Pianos will be changing to the next set of paintings in my Musician Series... Notation 2.

I have been working on this new group of mixed media pieces for a while now.

I started with a few canvases (24” x 30”)  painting only pianists.
But as life would have it, I went to an exhibition in Fort Lauderdale Museum of art work from the Vatican. (Show entitled “A Journey through Faith and Art”)… and thought how great it would be to incorporate some gold.

Below are a few of the first studies for this new golden development. These maquettes are 7” x 5” canvas on .75” depth stretchers (and if you are interested… I have put them up for sale on my website).
Small Art for Sale by cici artist